Damien Chiappini has over 25 years of extensive research and in the field hands on experience. He has worked with 100’s of people to help them reach their athletic and personal fitness goals. These individuals have been both adult and teenage athletes who were seeking sports performance improvement and injury reduction. Male and female clients, from teenage to senior adults, that wanted to improve their fitness, their health and lose weight. His work with athletes carries over to his approach for fitness.  Through his extensive experience,  he has found that approaching personal fitness from an athletic type training can increase the speed at which one sees results.  His program involves a 3 point approach that focuses on strength training with some cardiovascular conditioning, nutrition and your mental attitude for changing your lifestyle which is necessary for long term success.  He never ignores any current medical conditions that you may have and will alter the training program to address these issues.

His approach will improve your strength and level of conditioning while at the same time focusing on improving posture, mobility and structural balance. He does not focus on fads or psuedo science in his approach, just time proven training principles that always work. If you are looking for strength and conditioning, personal training, fitness or weight loss then Strength Rx and Damien Chiappini are the answer to your search.

He has been helping people perform better, look better and feel better for over 20 years. Make a smart decision and let him help you reach your goals.