All of our programs offer a free initial consultation.

This is a no pressure meeting so that you can ask questions and learn a little about our program. We can also learn a little bit about you in this meeting, your goals, your health, your commitment level, your injuries, your movement patterns. You will walk away with a better understanding of what we do, what we expect of you and if you have the desire to apply for acceptance into our program.

In general, You will be taught to train correctly and all clients will be trained to achieve muscular balance for healthy posture and function and to increase flexibility and mobility regardless of the program they enroll in.

Strength and Conditioning for Athletes Follow this link to more information on Strength and Conditioning for athletes and in season training programs.

Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Academy Preparation – Get in shape to pass the physical fitness requirements of the job!

Weekend Warriors – You will be trained just like an athlete with the exception that the volume may be lower to allow for recovery.

General Fitness / personal training – You will be trained across many methods and energy systems to improve your overall fitness. We will address any specific needs regarding your skeletal system or medically if required, and design a program that allows you to reach your goals safely and quickly.

Health – If you need to improve your health whether it be your decision or for medical reasons. We can design a program that can get you on track to a healthier lifestyle.

Weight Loss – If your goal is to lose weight we will combine a simple nutrition plan and training program that will get you to your goals. The training will encompass many different methods and cover all of the energy systems at work.

Nutrition – If you seek a nutrition program we try to keep it simple and easy but effective. We will work to get you eating healthier. This service is included with all of our other programs as this is one of the ways that we can help assure your success. You may purchase this as a standalone program as well.

Mobility and Stretching – This can help you with any mobility issues that you may have. Knees, hips, back and shoulders can be problematic and sometimes these problems are just due to being tight and inflexible. We can get you started on a stretching/mobility plan that may get you feeling and moving better.