You do not need to read any farther than this first paragraph if you are afraid of hard work. This may be the toughest training you will embark on at this stage of your life.  More quit this program than finish. It will never be watered down….you will be tested physically and mentally…you will need to rise up to the challenge. Those who do not give up become stronger, faster and mentally tougher, all things you need as an athlete and for life.

What you will receive at Strength Rx is a no nonsense, no BS system. We don’t waste time with methods that do not work. We also will not mislead you. There are a great deal of conflicting and confusing methods in the world of strength and conditioning. Sorting through this BS can be challenging. We will train you with various methods to get you stronger and more powerful, increase your conditioning and speed.

Are you an athlete looking for an edge over the competition?  Are you wasting your time running agility ladders, jumping or running on a vertimax, throwing medicine balls and other general SPARQ type training? This type of training is popular today, it may seem to work, but you are not getting the maximum results from your training time or money.  Your time would be better spent getting stronger, most athletes, especially high school athletes, are  weak. Being weak exposes you to injury and of course getting beat by the bigger, stronger, more powerful and better conditioned athlete. Do you want to get on the correct path? Train properly? Increase your strength, power and conditioning to improve your sports performance?

Our system is about getting stronger, more powerful, better conditioned and mentally tough for your chosen sport.

In general, this is just another tool to be a better athlete. You must practice your sport to be able to apply the power and strength that you develop at STRENGTH Rx.

You will be taught to lift correctly. This is important, for it will help keep you from injuring yourself in the gym and develop strength correctly for the movement and in the proper recruitment patterns. You will be surprised how many athletes do not know how to perform exercises properly.

The program that we will employ uses various methods to improve your performance. We will use weights, objects or implements, strongman type training, plyometrics or jumping, weighted throws etc… The majority of your work will be to get you stronger, powerful and bigger. That main method will be free weights and properly programmed jumping or plyometrics added at specific times to help you increase your rate of force production. Plyometrics and jumping will not be the main focus of your program, they are used to assist the development of power in a weight training based system.

We will not go into great detail here, contact us if you would like to know more. What you will do is train intelligently, use a proven program, and you will work hard. You will see great results and become a better athlete for it. Our program will get you stronger, more powerful, bigger and mentally tough. You will need to be mentally tough as we will push you to excel!

You will also be decreasing the chance of injury, due to the increase in the strength and muscle mass that will protect your body.

We will be glad to explain what we do and how we do it if you have a greater interest in our program. So just email us at STRENGTH Rx or call us today with questions or to set up a time to stop in and talk to us, without any obligations.

In Season Strength Retention –   Keep the strength you worked so hard for in the off season.  Once or twice a week training design to help you maintain your strength during the season.

If you would like to apply for entry into our program please fill out our application. You can find it here.