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Chiropractic laser fat loss fact or fiction?

There is a very obvious increase in advertising for laser fat loss therapy…please do not get taken in by such wild claims. I know most people are searching for the easy way to achieve fat loss and body recomposition, they don’t exist.  Most of these systems require you to take a supplement (usually diuretic, anorectic and mild stimulant) and of course a diet and some form of exercise. The supplement, diet and exercise are the changes that do the work not the laser.

Please do not believe the wild claims. This is no different than aiming a laser pointer (650nm) at your body and expecting some results. The lasers typically used in these devices are typically in the 630nm to 680nm range.

The FDA cleared these devices because they were considered safe (read that as useless or non effective). They were provided a 510k clearance process, which simply is a process that if there is similar device currently marketed and the new gadget is very similar that device they will approve the new gadget. If the product is different then they will create a new category. There is no testing for its effectiveness. That is the problem with the FDA approval. This is the letter it can be found on the internet by searching for” zerona 510k letter”.

Please follow this link to the warnings the FDA sent to the Erchonia company

I also have had a very tough tough time finding any independent peer reviewed studies to support the claims or findings of the studies done by the companies who market these devices.

None of these devices are going to do anything for you, neither are the vibration platforms or other silly things they say you need to do. If they recommend diet and some form of activity this is the key to your change. They also may recommend a supplement which most likely is a diuretic, anorectic or a stimulant. Save your money and change your lifestyle.


Training, dieting, weight loss and foolishness.

The new year always brings a renewed interest from people to get in shape. The funny thing is that most of this interest is to look for some short cut, magic pill, ridiculous tv fitness equipment, one of the many so called nutrition plans that all you are receiving is the right to pay for a mass marketing plan and so forth. THEY DO NOT EXIST! It amazes me that people just are so opposed to a little discipline and some work. Society has become very lazy, it really is sad. I can’t believe that individuals will pay jenny craig, nutri-systems, weight watchers or any of the other diet/prepaid food plan gimmicks. The food is really not nutritionally sound and you don’t learn to eat any healthier just eat small portions of poor food choices and chemically laden foods. You actually pay a premium for these terrible meals. I cannot understand why it is so hard to eat fresh meat of any kind, eggs, vegetables, nuts, limited fruits, healthy fats this includes some butter, coconut oil, olive oil, fish oil, walnut oil.  You can occasionally treat yourself to desert and such but this should be limited to once a week. I know only once a week…wow ,your really going to suffer.

If your more than 10lbs overweight you really do need to change your lifestyle not just diet for 3-8 weeks and then go back to what made you fat. This is what is typical of people. The roller coaster of gaining and losing weight.

Training: I cannot believe what people consider training, well I guess most people do not train they workout. I should say they waste a lot of time working out as most never get any better, but hey they get to say “I workout”.

I hear so many people say I do this or I do that for my workouts. I chuckle as they are very mislead about there so called workout and subsequent conditioning from said workout. I hear things like I do yoga or pilates. This is not a workout. I know people will get so upset over this but any of you who think you are in good condition from these types of activities..come and see me you will be surprised or upset at your lack of conditioning from these activities. I am not saying that they do not have a place in an overall plan. I think they are great for developing flexibility or mobility for some individuals but this is not going to condition you for real world activities. The fundamental principles of how your muscles / energy systems work  would demonstrate that you have not utilized a great deal of the muscle / energy system that one has available.  The cardio crowd, this is to include the spinners, runners and all the ridiculous classes that have been dreamed up to get you involved in some poorly designed or lacking cardio/aerobic/group activity class. Spinners notorious for poor posture, strength imbalances and overly tight muscles that lead to locomotion problems and back/neck/hip issues. Runners, the worst when it comes to flexibility, strength and muscular imbalances. The bullshit cardio classes that have so many things fundamentally wrong that I could go on forever. I will say that at least these individuals are doing something but there are much better ways to achieve fitness with balance then focusing on these limited use modalities.

The stuff that you see on tv is as foolish as it gets. Getting abs requires nothing that you see on these so called ab devices sold on tv. Most of these devices lead to lower back issues from too much abdominal work. If you want to shrink your waist then go out and actually do something that requires your whole body to move and eat smaller portions of healthy food. You need to get the large muscles of the body working so that you consume more energy.

I will add more to this post in the days to come.