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Do you want to change in 2011?

Performance coach looking for individuals who want to change for the new year! Reply for opportunity to receive 8 weeks (2 times per week)of training for free. Individual will be chosen by there response. Read the rest of this entry »

It is time to get ready for next years football season!

Don't waste time or money on speed camps or doing agility drill based programs! Read the rest of this entry »

Why do so many MMA athletes gas so early in a fight.

I have watched so many athletes gas in the first round. I question why? If you review the fighters who gas, their conditioning is typically geared more towards running/jogging. This really has no bearing in a fight. A fight is a 3 or 5 minute sprint with 1 minute rests between sprints for 3 to 5 sprints.  Your conditioning needs to be focused more towards this philosophy than running/jogging. There are many ways to accomplish this. If you would like to know more or try out a program geared toward fight conditioning , let me know.

Why do people pay for poor personal training?

The personal training industry gets worse and worse every year. I watch what these so called professionals do to their clients and wonder how or why.

1) How do they keep clients?

2) Where in the hell do they come up with some of these ridiculous exercises that are employed.

3) Learn how an exercise is performed before trying to wreck your client’s knee, back , shoulder, place any other body part in here you would like.

4) Pay attention to the clients form…but that would require you to shut up, get off phone, ignore your friends and learn what a proper squat, deadlift, row, bench or any other exercise is.

If you are a client of one these individuals then you may have experienced some of the following:

1) Speaking to the client the whole time they are exercising about trainers boyfriend/girlfriend, night out drinking, and so on.

2) Trainer on a cell phone when training a client?

3) Trainer talking to  buddies when training a client?

4) Trainer has you doing mostly cardio?

5) Trainer ignoring your exercise execution?

Add to the list or ask some questions.


So called strength and conditioning?

Strength and conditioning coaches who mislead athletes with programs that are based on the vertimax , plyometrics , jumping and med ball throws, agility drills etc. almost exclusively. This really is more conditioning than strength training. The vertimax, plyo’s and med ball throws all work to teach one to express power however they fall short on strength development when used alone and this is a key factor in production of power.  Agility drills are a waste of time. They may appear to have an effect however this is typical for beginners only.  Agility drill only make you better at the agility drill you are doing not your sport. Coaching running technique  is another scam.  Coaching track athletes in running technique is effective but coaching any athlete in another sport for example soccer, football, lacrosse to change their running technique is ridiculous. These sports change on the fly, there is no technique to change as it is constantly adapting to the given situation. Most athletes will move/run in a manner that is efficient for their current condition/body type.  If your training like this, then you should ask yourself. Are you getting your time and monies worth?

One always hears about how power is an expression of moving a given weight over a distance in a specific amount of time. Therefore if you practice with a light weight, body weight, elastic tubing(vertimax) and med ball throws you are increasing your power. Move the given object faster than a previous attempt and thus you would increase power. Most young athletes and their parents fall into this trap of believing this is the best way to increase power. Yes it is true that you would theoretically increase your power and it does to a limited extent. However, this falls short of maximum way to increase power, it also leaves the athlete lacking any real strength. The so called power developed this way falls short when facing heavier objects than what one is used to training with.

For example; if you learn to swing a wiffle ball bat as fast as you can and make contact with a wiffle ball it will go as far as the given weight and energy applied to it will allow. Take that same wiffle ball bat and try to hit a baseball with it and the bat will most likely fold in half. The wiffle ball bat lacks the strength or ability to absorb and transfer the force (weight) of the baseball. This is what happens when your so called power training is centered around SPARQ  or SAQ type programs.

The moving of light objects fast is one way to learn to express power however this is learned with a lack of strength development. The other way to learn to express power is to move heavy or maximal weight objects. The best way to improve power is to use maximal weights and plyometrics, jumping and weighted object throws. The focus needs to be on heavy weights/objects and plyos, with more emphasis on heavy or repeated efforts.

If you want to get faster get stronger!