Why do people pay for poor personal training?

The personal training industry gets worse and worse every year. I watch what these so called professionals do to their clients and wonder how or why.

1) How do they keep clients?

2) Where in the hell do they come up with some of these ridiculous exercises that are employed.

3) Learn how an exercise is performed before trying to wreck your client’s knee, back , shoulder, place any other body part in here you would like.

4) Pay attention to the clients form…but that would require you to shut up, get off phone, ignore your friends and learn what a proper squat, deadlift, row, bench or any other exercise is.

If you are a client of one these individuals then you may have experienced some of the following:

1) Speaking to the client the whole time they are exercising about trainers boyfriend/girlfriend, night out drinking, and so on.

2) Trainer on a cell phone when training a client?

3) Trainer talking to  buddies when training a client?

4) Trainer has you doing mostly cardio?

5) Trainer ignoring your exercise execution?

Add to the list or ask some questions.


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